Before you leave

  1. A great way to contribute to a local party is to offer to be the carpool coordinator!

    Find carpool or transit buddies now.

    Ask the planner how they coordinate carpools. Do they know if anyone near you is attending? Or can they set up a website (or ask if you can do it for them): Evite, a Google online spreadsheet, Facebook, a bulletin board, or one of these carpool planning websites.

  2. Make Your Contribution Green.

    Potlucks are especially good for adding a touch of environmental education to the fun: try showing off a garden or buying organic, local ingredients from a farmers market.

  3. Offer to Help.

    Do you have a compost pile in your backyard and can take home the organic waste? Can you offer to take anyone home who tries to take public transit or carpool and gets stuck? Can you bring extra dishes so the host doesn't need to use disposables?