Traveler's guide. Event: wedding. Stage: before.

Before the Wedding

  1. Wedding Gifts

    More and more couples are asking for gifts from green registries. If not, you might ask the soon-to-be-weds: do you want carbon offsets for your car, a native-plants garden, an energy efficiency overhaul of your lights and faucets? Escape mass consumerism and make your gift personal, bring what you know in a way that will be appreciated!

  2. Plan a carpool early -- you might find a new friend!

    Consider public transportation.

    Flying is the worst form of transportation for the environment, so avoid it if you can. Consider a bus, Amtrak, or carpooling. Bus? »New bus lines have opened up between San Francisco and Southern California, and along the East Coast. Many are much nicer rides than Greyhound.

    Find carpool or transit buddies now.

    Ask the wedding party if other guests live in your area. If not, you can always look for people traveling your way: city to city carpool resources. more »Pack light and fill every seat! Or better -- see if you can find friends and take a bus or train.

  3. Before you walk out the door:

    Shutting all the lights isn't enough if you'll be gone for more than the day, unplug all appliances at home before you leave. Older TVs, many appliance chargers and other devices keep running even when they're "off."