Traveler's guide. Event: festival. Stage: green-hotel-star-system.

Start Long Before You Leave Home

  1. Travel averages 80% of your environmental impact!

    Find carpool or transit buddies now.

    Ask the event how they coordinate carpools or buses. The event should coordinate carpooling -- send the organizers to Spaceshare if they need help planning carpools, or look for rides on Craig's List. more »Pack light and fill every seat! Or better -- see if you can find friends and take a bus or train.

  2. Pack your mug and mess kit but pack light!

    Avoid plastics!

    Does the festival provide free water refills? Ask! Bring what you need so you don't have to buy disposables on-site, but balance that against packing light to keep your vehicle's fuel efficiency higher. Simple living is doubly beneficial when you're traveling!

  3. Look for Green Events.

    It's hard to be green at a festival that's far from home and doesn't compost or help you fill every seat. Search this SpaceShare's carpool-friendly green festival calendar or Ecopalooza's list of green events.

  4. Before you walk out the door:

    Shutting all the lights isn't enough, unplug all appliances at home before you leave. Older TVs, many appliance chargers and other devices keep running even when they're "off."