Traveler's guide. Event: festival. Stage: during.

Be Green At the Festival

  1. It's not MalWart but...

    don't buy non-organic non-fair-trade just because they brought it to a fair: support crafts folks!

  2. Organic, local, vegetarian

    Once you're at the festival, food choices may be your biggest impact.

  3. A scattered orange peel takes six months to decompose!

    Use the compost bin wisely

    Hopefully you know the recycling basics, but be careful for compostable look-alikes: send clear "plastic" cups made from cornstarch into the ground, not ruining the plastic recycling stream. Act »A quick way to volunteer at a festival -- find some sticks, and post a bottle above the recycling, a compostable cup above its home...

  4. Camping? Leave No Trace!

    If camping, leave the space better than you found it: