Traveler's guide. Event: festival. Stage: flights.

In Case You Fly...

  1. A green flight is an oxymoron!

    Any other means of transportation is likely to be better. Can you possibly take a train or carpool?

  2. Nonstops Help

    Book non-stop flights, they are much more fuel efficient: less miles, and less climbing.

  3. Pack Light.

    Every extra pound on a flight means more fuel to carry you -- pack lightly. The more people on a flight, the less fuel per person -- so flying coach counts too. Pee Green »Someone somewhere realized that if you pee before you board, you'll be just a bit lighter!

  4. Post-flight Considerations...

    Take public transit rather than a vehicle, or tell the event about Spaceshare's ride-sharing services. Conference colors »Carrying materials related to your conference just might lead to a last-minute connection to share a taxi, shuttle, or make public transit social.

  5. Offsetting your carbon

    Ever more popular as an answer to the pollution of flying, carbon offsetting is coming to resemble Indulgences. more »Carbon offsets are a token: a great way to measure how much impact you've had, but they don't really undo it. If you want to make a donation to an environmental cause, they're often one of the least efficient uses of your money -- support a local cause you know something about; buy more organics!
    More details about Offsets are above.

  6. Less Hype

    We looked. We have yet to find an airline that is making consistent, significant greening efforts

    • Virgin is experimenting with new technology and British Airways has made green claims which have met controversy here and here.
    • Southwest Airlines has won a couple awards and is often credited with recycling all cabin waste. Green aside, Southwest does have a reputation for treating their workers well.