Traveler's guide. Event: festival. Stage: cars.

If you must drive...

  1. "We shared gas, eliminated 200 miles of one car driving and saved money by only needing one parking pass. Plus I may have made a new friend in another town." - Allan W., Carpooler


    Every event should help you carpool -- ask them how they're coordinating their ridesharing so everyone heading to the event is in one carpool database. If Spaceshare or another event-focused carpooler hasn't set up carpooling for the festival, we're still finding the best results with Craig's List. Pack less stuff and more friends!

  2. Before you hit the road...

    Check your tire's air pressure. This is one of the most easy-but overlooked ways to improve fuel efficiency.

  3. Slow down, but don't idle!

    Cars burn more fuel at higher speeds.
    If you're going to be stopped for more than about 10 seconds, it's more fuel efficient to turn the engine off than to leave it idling.

  4. AC vs. windows down:
    Slate answers your burning summer driving questions.
  5. Educate yourself.

    If you're planning on renting a car, opt for the most fuel efficient vehicle possible.
    Finally, beware these gas-saving myths!