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Food Tips

  1. The food we eat now typically travels between 1,500 and 3,000 miles from farm to our dinner plate.--Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture

    Three big steps: Local, Organic, and Veg*n!

    Most of us understand the basics benefits of organic. Local food not only requires less resources for shipping and less preservatives while it's shipped, but also helps you eat in-season. Vegetarian and vegan diets use vastly less resources than grain-fed animals; the worst of the pesticides and other toxins tend to accumulate in flesh.

  2. Less Fishy Fish

    If you eat fish, check out Seafood Watch to find a comprehensive list of fish that is sustainably fished and low in mercury content.

  3. Find Restaurants and Stores

    Visit Organic Travel for places to find natural and organic foods around the country. For a guide of vegetarian restaurants in your area, visit Happy Cow or Green Earth Travel.

  4. Food on the Go...

    If you have to eat on the road, try stopping at a grocery store instead of the nearest fast-food joint.
    Also look for green establishments with recycling, composting, washable cups and cutlery.