Traveler's guide. Event: conference. Stage: after.

Post-Conference Tips

  1. Reconsider Travel Options.

    Find the most eco-friendly way home.

  2. At the Hotel:

    If you stayed in a hotel, SPEAK UP and give them some feedback:

    • Did they give you the option of reusing towels and sheets? Did they follow their own guidelines (many hotels post green ideas but don't follow through unless they get enough feedback.)

    • Did they have energy efficient lighting, heating, and cooling?
  3. Give feedback to the conference organizers.

      Did they provide compost and recycle bins?
      Were they energy efficent?
      Did they try to reduce waste and use recycled or biodegradable products?
  4. Put it into Practice for Future Events.

    Attend the festivals and conferences that offer ridesharing and make other efforts to be green.