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Eating Green

  1. An estimated 30 percent of the earths ice-free land is directly or indirectly involved in livestock production, and livestock production generates nearly a fifth of the worlds greenhouse gases” NY Times.

    Opt for Local, Organic, and Veg*n!

    Visit Organic Travel for places to find natural and organic foods around the country. For a guide of veg*n [vegetarian or vegan] restaurants in your area, visit Happy Cow or Green Earth Travel.

  2. Less Fishy Fish

    If you eat fish, check out Seafood Watch to find a comprehensive list of fish that is sustainably fished and low in mercury content.

  3. Food on the Go...

    When you eat on the road, try stopping at a grocery store or coop instead of the nearest fast-food joint. Also look for green establishments with recycling, composting, washable cups and cutlery.