Traveler's guide. Event: athletic. Stage: after.

After the Event

  1. "Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little." -- Edmund Burke

    On the way out...

    Look around you for stray trash or recyclables to put into their proper bins -- and car-free folks to be put in your car.

  2. Speak up!

    Give feedback to the festival planners:

    • Did they provide compost and recycle bins?
    • Were they energy efficient?
    • Did they try to reduce waste and use recycled or biodegradable products?
  3. Party Local.

    Stay in touch with your carpool group, and try to find events you love near your home.

  4. Host Local

    For the next athletic event, consider offering crash-space or hosting couchsurfers. Some events » are integrating hosting with their website or SpaceShare carpool system.