Skit v1

We had difficulties getting the image to always display correctly. Here is Stephen's take:


  • Mostly, it is (with a few tweaks) a design that can survive when the flash video pops in front of the rest of the design. The current design can't.
  • Uses some SpaceShare elements.

Minuses: - Doesn't look as good.


Team: can we get some well thought through comments, of all the ideas thrown around, what is the right path?

Erin: can you take over design from me, for both the SpSh site and this, pulling some thematics together (using as many of the same design elements on each). I want it to look along these lines: When the css fails on someone's browser, here is the "failure-design" You can see more easily than in the previous design the player controls. We'll cut the images up so they are never covered. The green text on the video itself will need to be done in iMovie, put directly into the YouTube. We might want a backup design in case YouTube fails to embed/they don't have flash (an image that goes under the video's pixels.)

Using nothing but the natural layering, plus now z-index:

Next version, Using Wmode:


Just the YouTube Embed. Whatever variant we use, we'll need to expose the play button and perhaps other play components with no image (including no transparent image) covering them, in the final version. What it looks like on Stephen's computer, a screenshot mid-play: