Guides to travel, food, hotels and other event planning support services

Please contact us if you a) know of a guide we don't list here, b) need guidance different from any guide we've found.

Veg/Organic Travel Food

Happy Cow has a great city-by-city map-able guide to vegetarian food, one of the biggest single steps to be green. Check out Organic Travel for healthy and organic places to eat near you.


Green Airline News

Dive into the overwhelming details at Green Air Online.


Green Hotels and Lodging

National Geographic lists sites with directories of green hotels. It also includes questions to ask your hotel to find out whether they're truly green.


Ecospeakers Transit Guide

For green rental cars, limos and carbon offset programs, Ecospeakers is comprehensive resource.

Google public transit for the city you are traveling to, or click here for the San Francisco Bay Area.


Ecospeakers Event Planning Guide

Ecospeakers is a great resource for green event planning. They have tons of links to help you book entertainment for your event, find resources for planning green travel, hotel stays, food service, facilities and equipment resources. In many ways their site is like ours, but more focused, specifically on lecture series or environmental events with speakers.


Involve Attendees: personalize this site for your event!

Posting this site is a great way to involve attendees. You'll send people to a page similar to our traveler's "before" page, but we'll customize it with your logo, and with the three main pages edited to your event's specific needs. If you have a carpool system, the link will go straight there; if you are providing water, you can list it. The overall idea is to provide all the specifics from your event alongside generic information such as green car or hotel tips that apply across events.

Please contact us if you are interested: the first beta testers will be able to customize for free.


Canada's Green Resource Directory

This Canadian Green Meeting Guide allows to you search for green suppliers for meetings, conferences or events. It covers seven Canadian cities and some of my searches didn't turn up any results. The suppliers include audio/visual, event logistics, transportation, venues, promotional materials, and more.


Composting Guide

This Compost Guide has in-depth information for home composting and includes a chart with compostable and non-compostable materials. This guide from the California Integrated Waste Management Board has information on composting at special events.


Catering Your Own Event

Vegetarian resource group has a cookbook for large scale vegan cooking, aimed more at cafeterias than gourmet.


Greenopia's Least Damaging Airlines List

Greenopia lists the ten airlines with the newest fleets and some other green factors. People seem to like rankings and numbers, but in this case we're not sure that the rankings and numbers really relate to how green the companies are.


Quick Carbon Calculator for Events

Terrapass offers a broad brush carbon calculator that gives you an overall idea of your carbon pollution, and the option to offset it.