Promotional give aways

Here are some ideas:
- Local, organic food; or fairtrade chocolate
- Staple-less staplers
- I think LED lightbulbs might be the next wave of both useful and cool give-aways. They are approaching a cost and quality where they should begin to replace CFLs, but they are still unique, and have the branding value of lighting an entire room. Or LED nightlights if attendees have kids.
- Reusable water bottles are both expensive, and a lot of us have them already. They might be a better give-away in more-recently-green communities. I still know the branding on my steel water bottle. (non-plastic especially non-BPA, preferably not aluminum, preferably steel)
- Organic cotton or otherwise green reusable bags. But like water bottles, many greener folks have enough now.
- Beeswax Candles or Local honey (if they are not traveling by air)
- Seedballs for local events or trees to plant -- be careful to be sure to get people native plants for their region. Sharon Fisher recommended ... Forest Nation

There are a variety of green-labeled promotional providers popping up. Please let us know what you think! Based largely on websites while we wait for reviews, here are some of our favorites:

Fairware Thanks to Joan Eisenstodt & Midori for the tip
Can someone vouch for Great Recycled Gifts?
Ashbury Images ... some good stuff though watch for greenwash (why is a non-organic apron "green"?)

I was going to say we collected these ideas from lots of people on mailing lists ... but many ideas and more than one email are from Joan L. Eisenstodt

There was a talk on promotional materials GMIC's 2010 Conference but the audio wasn't uploaded for this session.