Planning guides: wedding.

Green Car Choices

  1. Consider Location

    Choose a location where people can walk, ride bike, or take public transit instead of driving!
  2. Encourage carpooling!

    Pick one approach to carpooling and encourage everyone to use it. Whether it's craigslist, a bulletin board, a carpooling website, or just asking your friend to organize it along with RSVPs, getting people to sign up and getting them all in one place is the most important step. Very large weddings might consider having Spaceshare set up a system for your event.
  3. It's a gift, it's a celebration.

    Consider including your wish for green travel (and perhaps for someone to offset the wedding) as part of the "gifts" that you are asking for -- and describe sharing as part of your celebration, let your friends and families know that you hope they'll use carpooling as a way to meet each other.