Planning guides: party.

Setting Up

  1. It all begins with the invitation.

    Save trees by getting creative with e-invitations. Find some pretty/humorous pictures or personalize them and they'll feel just as special as the snail-mailed kind. Remember to include public transport info in the directions, ideally above the car directions. Ask guests to RSVP not only so you'll know how much food and drink to buy, but also to help coordinate their ridesharing.

  2. Plan the Menu.

    Once you know about how many people are coming, provide food that is preferably locally produced, organic and vegetarian or vegan.
    Don't even think about buying water bottles for your party! Set out water pitchers and cups instead. Buy food items, such as condiments, in bulk to reduce packaging waste.

  3. Consider composting! Learn how Here.

    Get Ready to Reduce Waste.

    Plan on using your own dishware and cups. If you don't have enough you can always ask one of the guests to bring a set. Even if the paper plates are made from compostable materials, it's still much better to reduce and reuse.