Planning guides: funeral.

Green Funeral and Burial Options

Funeral planning may seem difficult enough without having to worry about its environmental impacts. But if you lived a green lifestyle, wouldn't you want to leave this world in the same caring manner that you lived in it?

  1. Avoid Embalming.

    Formaldehyde is toxic and a carcinogen, which is released into the air through cremation or seeps into the ground after burial.

  2. Choose a Green Casket.

    Green options include biodegradable caskets such as pine wood boxes, or even better either heavy cardboard or a shroud. Cremations are cleaner if cardboard is used rather than standard chipboard and plastic mass produced coffins.

  3. Choose a Green Burial Site.

    Check out these Natural Burial Ground Links.

  4. Burial vs. Cremation.

    Both have their impacts, and there is no clear consensus. A natural burial that does not use up land may be the best choice.