Planning guides: festival.

Green Transit Tips

  1. Chose an Accessible Location.

    Try to choose a location for your event that is close to public transportation, or close to the city where most of your attendees live.

  2. Near or in a city? Offer Green Discounts!

    Don't just ask people to take transit, make sure they know it's easy, and ideally waive part of ticket prices for those who bike or bus. Make sure it's easy to get from transit to your event, and consider partnering with mass transit companies: the KPFA Crafts Fair partners with BART light rail and runs a shuttle between the BART stop and their Fair. Be sure to provide secure bicycle parking -- you might want to contact bicycle advocacy groups to provide valet services.

  3. Ridesharing

    Especially for events far from public transit hubs, coordinating ridesharing is key. Don't just ask people to carpool, help them! Bulletin boards work for small festivals; for larger events, Spaceshare ride and room sharing can do the work for you.

  4. Discourage Solo Driving to Your Festival.

    Once you've made it easy for people to carpool, find a way to make it easier and cheaper to carpool than to drive half empty. Charging for parking ("we want less cars and more people enjoying the music, so we're keeping ticket prices down by charging more for parking"), charging for parking for cars that are part empty, or providing closer parking for full carpools all help. Example: EarthDance carpooling rates shot up as they instituted expensive parking for 1-2 people, free for 3 or more.