Planning guides: festival.

Hotel Tips

  1. Plan Green Accommodations.

    If your festival isn't just camping, partner with a the greenest hotel possible. Send your attendees to green hotels, and don't forget hostels.

  2. Post these hotel tips on your website:

    • Request to reuse your towels and sheets for the duration of your stay.
    • Turn off lights and cooling/heating when not necessary or doors are open.
    • Stay away from the mini bar and free toiletries. Instead, bring your own or buy larger quantities to cut down on wasteful packaging.
  3. Hosting

    The greenest option is for people to stay in others' homes. If your festival has a cause, you might work with SpaceShare to coordinate local residents hosting travelers. Couchsurfing with people who aren't part of your festival should not be used as an alternative to a hotel, but you might encourage your attendees to really join the participatory Couchsurfing community.

  4. Speak up!

    If green options aren't offered at nearby hotels, let them know they would be appreciated. Even if you can't budget more to stay at a green hotel this year, let hotels know that you might next year.