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Green Options for Flights

  1. Choosing a Site

    Plan your event in a central, populated area to reduce the need for people to fly.
    A green flight is an oxymoron!

    Any other means of transportation is likely to be better. Encourage attendees to take a train or carpool!

  2. Some tips to share with travelers who have to fly...

    Book non-stop flights, they are much more fuel efficient.
    Flights during the daytime may be better for the environment than night flights.

  3. Want to "Offset" Your Event's Carbon?

    • Offsetting your carbon is very popular, though we feel increasing skepticism.
    • Carbon offsetting is coming to resemble Indulgences. Carbon offsets are a token: a great way to measure how much impact you've had, but they don't really undo it. If you want to make a donation to an environmental cause, they're often one of the least efficient uses of your money -- support a local cause you know something about.