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Choosing A Guide
There are many guides out there. Our main inspiration in starting this website is to help you find the right one for your needs. Before you choose one, what are you looking for?

* A few quick tips, a detailed guide, a checklist that will help you with planning?
* Do you want a measurable standard? »Imagine most of your attendees are on the East Coast, and the only LEED-certified conference center for your dates is in Portland, OR. The best environmental impact would be to stay local and tell your local CVVB, centers and hotels why you almost took your business to Portland. The measurable impact: zero. Flying to Portland might mean a conference that burns more fuel than you ever would have if you'd never heard of the environmental movement. Measurable impact: LEED certified! This might be extreme, but real planners with limited time and budgets will face similar decisions.
* Are you greening on the cheap, with a budget, can you hire green experts?

We list a few of our favorite guides in the right-hand column of almost every page, where you can go for more details. If you'd like to explore our notes on various guides:

Event Planning Guide Reviews.
A few of our favorites are listed in the right hand column, or explore all the guides we've come across.
Supporting Guides: Food, Hotels, Cars...
We've also found guides to specific aspects of event planning, such as finding green restaurants in the area or green travel.