Three themes on greening the hospitality industry

For Big Ideas

Most of our guide has a "how-to" theme. But we'll touch on both theory and activism in this section: participate with us to take steps to create a movement for greener meetings.

  1. How do we involve people at the meetings and festivals we plan?
  2. How do we leverage meetings and festivals to mobilize people to push for greener meetings and festivals across the industry?
  3. How does greening an event make it better?

Mobilizing attendees was a part of the Virtual Technology Panel at Greening Hospitality. We're following that up by asking for your input -- ideally on video -- for the Better campaign.


For approaching the meetings industry from the inside, we hope to see you next year at Greening Hospitality and recommend the GMIC. This is a great organization to join if you are an event planner.

The Green Events Guide folks are hoping to take a leading role on the informal side, developing consumer demand for green meetings, creating pressure for greening that organizations like the GMIC can then direct.