Hotel Tips

Planet Green's 9 Questions You Must Ask Before Booking a "Green" Hotel is a simple list similar to ours.

Here are our favorite tips, add yours in the comments and we'll consider editing them in!

  1. I don't want my towels and linens changed every day.
  2. Could you skip any non-organic mints or individually packaged shampoo bottles, so they don't get wasted? Asking them to take an action they can't argue with, like not providing the mint, is a great way to get their attention. It reminds the hotel that you are a customer, and they are supposed to be catering to you.
  3. Can I drink the water? Do you have clean water locally, or filtered, instead of bottled water?
  4. I'd be happier in a room with efficient light bulbs, do you have one?
  5. What do you do with the half-finished bottles? Have you found a nonprofit such as a homeless shelter to donate to?
  6. Does the heat or A/C in my room shut off automatically when I'm not there?
  7. Who is in charge of greening at your hotel? Are the steps you took to be green online, I'd like to read them.

We've aimed for simple questions anyone can ask. If you want to get involved in the details, explore this broad set of hotel greening ideas, download Delaware's moderately detailed green lodging checklist, or share your favorite guide with us!