Join the Campaign to Green the Hotel Stars System

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There are many reasons for hotels to go green. And one big reason not to. For luxury hotels, the archaic "Five Star" hotel rating systems work against greening. The problems start with demands for lots of individually wrapped and overpackaged bathroom items, and valuing fresh cut flowers over growing ones. But far worse, the star systems push hotel managers to focus to much attention to minor details and no attention at all to greening.

It's time to demand that the star rating systems catch up to what consumers want. The fastest way for this to happen is for you to ask for what you want. Here are four simple steps:

  1. 1. Plan Green

    To find a green hotel, we recommend
    Environmentally Friendly Hotels or an a broader online rating system. If your favorite travel planning site doesn't provide a way to sort by green values, ask them!

  2. 2. Tell the hotels directly

    Will there be a mint on my bed? A recycle bin in my room? In the right-hand column are some simple hotel tips and questions, or find a longer green hotel list here.

  3. 3. Tell other travelers.

    After your stay, review your hotel for it's green standards. It's perhaps best to write a normal customer review that includes green steps -- make greening a normal expectation. We recommend: thank and encourage hotels taking early steps, unless they greenwash and make dishonest claims beyond their actual greening. Websites that host reviews are in the right hand column.

  4. 4. Wake the Raters

    Help bring AAA and Mobile into the twenty-first century (or at least the 1990's).

    Let them know what you want!

When almost half of American travelers believe that the environment is an important consideration, the hotel industry and the ratings system should understand that for a lot of people, it isn't luxury if it isn't green.