Green Hotel Search Systems

  • Environmentally Friendly Hotels lets you search by hotel name or by location. Each hotel listed on the site has a checklist that shows the criteria used and whether the hotel met the different conditions. You can also rate hotels based on these criteria. PDF/print version.
  • RezHub is a travel site that includes information about Green Travel and Volunteer Travel. Every hotel search includes a green rating -- you can even sort the search results based on each hotel's Green Score. RezHub is the best site we've found to combine green information with a basic Travelocity or Kayak style search, instead of listing just a few hotels.
  • Other: AllStays shows green hotels by state based on the owners claiming green attributes, and iStayGreen looks promising, but both have some limitations as we write this. Please leave comments if we've missed any: we hope this will be a rapidly evolving field!

Want more? Planet Green has a broader discussion about choosing a green hotel.

Do you represent a hotel search website?

What we'd really like to see (and promote) is a standard search that integrates all the basics. Can I search for a budget hotel that is also green? Or sort by price modified by $5 per green star? If you'd like a focus group, we might find you one!