Sites for City to City Carpooling


You must create a free profile to use this site. There seems to be an abundance of commuter listings, especially for the Bay Area. There are some one-time, long distance rideshares offered and wanted, but not that many and it might be difficult to find a match. It seems they have just started offering errands, medical, shopping and airport rideshares which has yet to catch on with only 140 rides listed across the country.

Alternet Rides

The majority of rides posted are carpools to work and it seems to get more use in some regions than others. The most rides offered are in California, with 405 rides for the entire state, half of which are from Irvine and Redwood Shores for some mysterious reason. There are only 3 posted for San Francisco. You don't have to sign up to look for or e-mail about rideshares, and they just started a "one-time" ride message board with only a handful of posts so far [summer 2008].


Facebook relies on your facebook community. It might be useful for a student with lots of friends at the same campus, or in similar circumstances. Probably more useful as a social-carpooling tool: find a friend to a go to a festival with, and then decide which weekend and which festival. Without a big facebook community I can't even test it.


Craigslist is amazing for its community, though the search for rideshares uses bulletin-board style instead of a proper sort. Both early testers have found their best results for city-to-city carpooling on Craigslist; it seems especially useful up and down I5 on the West Coast. Plus Craig is our hero. It's also useful as a backup site for commutes and events if your city or event hasn't organized anything better. You have to be a bit persistent to maximize searches: try all likely spellings both when creating a post or searching, consider nearby towns or county names (to go to Arcata, also search Eureka, Humboldt, and Humbolt), and for one-way trips consider searching the Craigslist site for both your departure and arrival towns.


RideJoy has roots in organizing the BurningMan rideboard, and is a very enthusiastic new effort. It pulls in Craigslist data, and organizes it for you -- looks pretty cool, I've done this by hand, this could be a big time saver if it's thorough! Looks well designed.